Tanzarine Technology

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About the Tanzarine Technology Web Site

This site has been designed using Mozilla Firefox but uses standard HTML only. Users of other browsers should find that the pages display in a very similar fashion, and although certain minor features will not be available, the site as a whole should function correctly.

Javascript usage is currently at a minimum, because the site does not contain content which warrants its use, with the exception of the carousel component on the home page.

The site uses a four colour set for general layouts, as it has done for over a decade. These colours are used for headings, footers and all other text, with light shades for backgrounds, and consistent colours for hyperlinks. A separate font and colour are used for code extracts.

Tanzarine Technology's thinking for web design involves such a base colour set, with either black or white for a standard text or background, and an additional colour set for headings and hyperlinks where they are used.

The layout should not pose difficulties for most display configurations, but if you do encounter problems, please email [email protected]

  • Backend re-implementation for 2021

    16/07/2021: For 2021, the Tanzarine web site has been moved from static generation from XML data using XSLT to dynamic generation using PHP handlers and HTML snippets.

  • Site Redesign for 2013

    The Tanzarine web site has been redesigned in a major project to improve the methods used to format the pages, and produce a responsive layout which can be used as comfortably on a mobile phone as it can a widescreen monitor. Although retaining the familiar styling based on the company's branding and logo, the new site has revamped and simpler navigation, as well a new blog post import facility.