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About Tanzarine Technology

Tanzarine Technology is a small, independent software development and Internet technology consultancy, owned and operated by Neil Pellinacci. He established the company in 1999, having worked for over 15 years in a range of information technology disciplines across industries ranging from insurance to marketing.

This work covered areas such as device drivers, I/O executives and tape backup software, insurance application software development and database design, as well as design and development of web based applications.

The first project for the consultancy was working on the UK Government's pilot online VAT return application, EVR, but further projects were soon started up for a diverse range of smaller organisations, ranging from local businesses to a variety of London-based companies. Following on from this were several major public sector projects, and in later years the emphasis changed to implementation of so-called "Single Sign On" mechanisms across multiple web-based UK Government services.

Appropriate technical tools and environments are deployed for all projects, in line with the requirements for those projects, and current industry best-practice. Technologies used for major projects may include some of the following:

  • Java, HTML, JSP, XML
  • SQL (Oracle, Ingres and MySQL databases)
  • Apache web server, Jakarta Tomcat, Weblogic and JBoss J2EE application servers
  • ant, git, Jenkins
For smaller scale projects, perl and PHP are used in order to create functional and flexible applications with a minimum of fuss.

  • Compliance Statements

    This document contains statements made in order to comply with current best practice and United Kingdom legislation where necessary.