Tanzarine Technology

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Tanzarine Technology provides intranet and Internet technical expertise across a wide range of business sectors.

Current projects include data interchange via XML documents which map to Java application objects, and Intranet portal services.

  • Enterprise Java Intranet Portal

    The key screen on a modern corporate intranet is the entry screen. This will be the default screen every time a corporate user accesses the intranet, and is both the beginning of navigation around the intranet and a controlled access point to the Internet.

    (Created 15/12/2001)
  • XML-Based Web Sites

    One of the biggest difficulties in maintaining and evolving a web site is that HTML stores the information to be displayed and instructions on how to display it in the same place. XML technology can be used to separate the two, and a little Java coding can even take care of linking all the pages together automatically.

    (Created 09/04/2001)
  • Java SQL Console

    This is a standalone application which acts as an interactive SQL console to a database.

    (Created 19/05/2000)