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Media Comments

Tanzarine director Neil Pellinacci provides informed comments for the media on a variety of topics, and has had work published in the IT press and also appeared on a BBC News programme about Open Source software. A summary appears here.

"Integration At Scale: Lessons Learned From The New Enterprise Web" a panel discussion at QCon London 2012

"BCS MP Web Awards - The Final" for the BCS web site, read on the BCS web site, or on Neil's blog.

"MP Web Awards - First Round Overview" for the BCS web site, read on the BCS web site, or on Neil's blog.

"Web's Eye View" for the National Computing Centre Membership Magazine "ITadviser", read on the NCC web site, or here on the Tanzarine web site.

As part of his work with the British Computer Society, Neil appeared on the BBC World programme "Click" in 2001 (when the programme was in fact called "Click Online") discussing software and source code, as part of a feature on Open Source software which also included an interview with Richard Stallman.

Unfortunately the BBC archives for this programme only extend back to 2004, so the episode is no longer available to view online.